In-Sink-Erator BADGER5XP 3/4-HP Waste Disposer

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InSinkErator Badger 5XPA choice between the jammed pipe and garbage disposer like In-Sink-Erator/Masterplumber BADGER5XP 3/4-HP Waste Disposer is no choice at all!Many of us must have faced a common (at the same time also horrible) kitchen scene. Our kitchen sink is filled with food waste, the outlet pipe of the sink is blocked and the sink looks like a pool filled with garbage. Oh! No, not again!The garbage disposer comes to the rescue. It clears the mess in almost no time and with least difficulty.

Generally a garbage disposer clears any garbage from the sink and leaves the kitchen odorless, insect free and pest free. It, believe it or not, is an environment friendly alternative to our traditional garbage dispose methods.Traditional methods may often leave a trail of food waste and in turn pollute the environment.

A garbage disposer, somewhat like a cheese grater, grinds the food waste into small soluble particles, which can pass through the sink. It sends them to waste-water treatment plant where the food wastes are recycled: some into renewable energy and some, mostly the bio solid by-products are converted into fertilizer. Thus our food wastes, are transformed into environmentally friendly products which benefit us in a number of ways. In this way a garbage disposer wins hands down against the messy sink.

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Why We Should Use a Garbage Disposer

According to surveys, in the year 2008 the inhabitants of US stored 13 million tons of waste in landfills. It becomes a threat to the environment since decomposed food waste produces methane, a well-known source of greenhouse gas and a large part of it is mixed into the atmosphere. A garbage disposer grinds the wastes into ¼ inch size which can flow safely through the municipal and household pipes.

A garbage disposer like the In-Sink-Erator/Master plumber BADGER5XP 3/4-HP Waste Disposer may be made from plastic, stainless steel or galvanized steel. It can be found in different grind stages. Namely, 1-Stage, 2-Stage and 3-Stage.

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