Review of KOHLER K-6227-C11-VS Kitchen Faucet

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Kohler’s K6227-C11-VS Karbon Articulating Deck-Mount Kitchen FaucetKohler’s K6227-C11-VS Karbon Articulating Deck-Mount Kitchen Faucet is a beautifully designed faucet for the contemporary kitchen. Its unique styling is not only eye-catching but is also designed to be easier to clean and maintain.

The faucet comes in three color options for any kitchen design and the material it was constructed with gives it reliability and strength.

The design allows you to choose from spray functions or choose laminar flow for all of your faucet needs. Here is a look at why the Kohler Karbon Articulating Deck-Mount Kitchen Faucet is getting rave reviews.

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Ease of Use

The K6227-C11-VS Karbon Articulating Deck-Mount Kitchen Faucet is easy to use. With the touch of a button, you can switch back and forth from both laminar flow and spray functions due to the integral sprayhead. It’s simple to use the in-the-deck joystick valve to change functions.

In addition, the unique styling makes it super easy to clean and maintain. You can choose from five pivoting points to allow you quick and easy placement of the faucet where you need to use it.

Installation is easy and fast due to the installation rings and flexible connections.

Products Features

The product offers a visually entrancing design to any kitchen. It comes in polished chrome, vibrant stainless and vibrant brushed bronze with bronze tube color choices. It’s a contemporary design and made of brass. Consumers will install it through deck mounting and it only weighs 7.6 pounds with dimensions at 13.2x8x8.9 inches.

You have the option to direct the faucet with five pivot points and switch from regular flow to spray functions with the touch of the bottom and use of the remote joystick valve. This turns the water on and adjusts the temperature. You have total range of motion, ability to position the faucet to the task you need and precisely adjust the valve with the joystick.

Value for Money

This product features a great value for the money due to the Kohler Faucet lifetime limited warranty. It will be leak and drip free during normal residential use as long as a purchaser owns their home. All accessories and aspects of the faucet are under warranty, as well.

Amazon is featuring the product at a huge discount. The original list price started at $1715.80 and is now on sale for $1,078.00 with $8.27 in shipping.


With the contemporary design and strong durability, this product isn’t going to need replaced down the road. It’s reliable, offers all of the functions you could need in your kitchen sink and it has a beautiful design that will match any kitchen design. It has a warranty under the manufacturer making the consumer fee confident about their purchase. It’s easy to use and easy to install.


Some are considering this product a poor purchase due to a lack of water pressure and because replacement parts take too long to get in. The tab for the spray sticks out and then pops out. Kohler claims that any design flaws have been corrected but some consumers don’t agree. While some feel the faucet was a great purchase at first, it has broken for some and others say it has major design flaws make it unreliable.

Consumer Reviews

At the time of writing the Kohler K6227-C11-VS has 28 customer reviews on Amazon with an average of 3.9 stars and you can read them by clicking here.

This faucet is being called a “conversation piece” proving that its design and function are worth talking about. It looks great in a modern kitchen but the price is steep for many. It has become a design element in purchasers’ kitchens and many say the faucet works flawlessly.

You can reach all parts of the sink and adjust the height as much as needed. The deck mounted handle makes it easy to turn on when your hands are dirty. Some people are saying the spray function isn’t great and temperature control is difficult to use.


While the Kohler K6227-C11-VS Karbon Articulating Deck-Mount Kitchen Faucet has mixed reviews, it seems this product is a catch. It’s beautiful, well-designed, has many functions and will last a lifetime. With the sale on Amazon and the ease of use, this faucet is a great purchase for homeowners.

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KOHLER 6227-C11-VS K-6227-C11-VS, Vibrant Stainless

KOHLER 6227-C11-VS K-6227-C11-VS, Vibrant Stainless Rating:
List Price: $1,195.00
Sale Price: $1,195.00
(as of 12/31/2018 09:53 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours

Product Description



  • Unique contemporary styling that is both intriguing and easy to clean and maintain
  • Articulating design provides task-configurable functionality
  • Unique metal and carbon fiber construction delivers rugged reliability and strength
  • Integral sprayhead provides both laminar flow and spray functions at the touch of a button
  • In-the-deck joystick valving is simple in form but strong in function