Review of Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat

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Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet SeatThe Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat is pure luxury for your home’s bathroom. This toilet seat not only opens and shuts for you, but it offers warm water washing and heated seat. This is more than your conventional toilet seat; the Swash toilet seat cleans, washes, soothes, and eliminates the need for toilet paper.

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Product Information

The product is selling on amazon for $599.00 and free shipping.

Your shipment will include:

  • Toilet Seat
  • Batteries
  • Remote Control
  • 3 year limited warranty

The product has been voted #4 in Bidet Seats on Amazon of best sellers and has only been available since 2010. The product ships in Certified Frustration-Free packaging. The product weighs 4.6lbs and the dimensions are 21 x 15 x 16 inches. It requires electricity as it has a cord to plug in. The wattage and voltage are 1200 watts and 120 volts.


The toilet seat offers feminine and posterior endless warm water washes. It has a gentle-closing heated seat with a quick release. The nozzles can be positioned as needed and offer wide spray. These nozzles are stainless steel and the seat is white. The remote control allows you to choose warm air dryer and deodorizer settings. The dryer offers three temperature settings. Water pressure wands can be adjusted from high to low water output. You won’t run out of hot water because of the internal ceramic heater element.

Who Should Buy This?

It only takes about an hour to install. Due to its ability to cleanse you with the posterior and feminine options, this product is beneficial to many including:

  • Senior citizens
  • Those with arthritis
  • enstruating women
  • Pregnant women
  • exually active women
  • Children

It gives many a sense of independence that struggled with conventional toilets. It’s user-friendly, hygienic, and offers endless options for users.

Pros and Cons

A few of the cons to the toilet seat are:

  • Women find that the spray function does not extend far enough to the front in which its required to scoot towards the back of the seat and lean forward for washing
  • Parents are finding that kids struggle with the seat because there is a weight minimum it requires in order to recognize someone sitting on the seat
  • The remote does not light up so at night time you must turn the light on to see the remote features
  • Remote control doesn’t have user profiles that adjust to whichever person is using it
  • It isn’t great for those transferring from a wheelchair
  • The blow dryer doesn’t complete the job
  • Water pressure is a bit weaker compared to others

Benefits include:

  • Toilet seat works perfectly a year after use
  • The warmth of the seat is great in the cold winter months
  • Everything is adjustable to individuals users preference on temperature and pressure
  • It’s great on saving toilet paper cost
  • The status indicator on the seat acts as night light
  • Quick installation
  • Very sanitary

Final Thoughts

The reviews are in and the Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat is a hit. Get one today and see why people are raving about this luxury toilet seat. They say you’ll never go back to a conventional toilet seat or bidet.

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Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White

Brondell S1000-EW Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Elongated Toilet Seat, White Rating:
List Price: $599.99
Sale Price: $499.99
(as of 01/06/2019 05:11 UTC - Details)

Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
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Product Description

The Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Elongated Washlet is an award-winning bathroom product that offers hygienic comfort at its best. This sleek bidet toilet seat has an environmentally friendly ceramic heating system for unlimited warm water. It offers an automatic deodorizer and adjustable warm air dryer. The two nozzles are adjustable, made of stainless steel, and are self-cleaning and self-sterilizing. It offers three levels of aerated wash spray with width adjustment and has a massage feature and slow-closing seat and lid. It comes in pure white and includes a one-year manufacturer's warranty. The Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Elongated Washlet has an elongated design that fits over 98% of toilet seats and measures 15W x 21D x 6H inches. High tech comfort! About Brondell Inc. Brondell is leading the way as a top developer of innovative bathroom products. This California company created the Swash and Breeza lines of high-tech toilet seats. Brondell toilet and bidet seats offer unparalleled comfort and personal hygiene in environmentally friendly products. The Simple Flush, Swash, and Breeza lines reflect Brondell's commitment to quality product design. Sleek, compact, and durable, Brondell products deliver comfort and cleanliness, setting a new standard for personal hygiene in the bathroom. Brondell products have been taking top honors and getting noticed. Electronic House 2011 placed Brondell as Product of the Year, Brondell was in the Top 10 VIP products for 2010 from Good Housekeeping, and Popular Science announced Simple Flush as 1 of 12 Must-Have Products. Overall dimensions: 15W x 21Dx 6H inches. Posterior and feminine warm-water washes. Elongated design fits over almost all toilet seats. Pure white color. Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat. Aerated warm water wash, adjustable nozzles, dual wands. Includes 1-year manufacturer's warranty.


  • Dual adjustable STAINLESS STEEL nozzles for highest level of hygiene and durability
  • Nozzle Sterilization using silver nanotechnology
  • Ceramic core instant heating system for unlimited warm water
  • Warm air dryer for added convenience and a deodorizer to eliminate odors
  • Aerated wash spray with width adjustment (three levels) and nozzle oscillation