PUR DS-1800Z Water Filter Dispenser

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PUR DS-1800Z Water Filter DispenserThis water filtration dispenser is perfect for large families to stay hydrated instead of spending large amounts of money for bottled water. The PUR dispenser makes your water taste just like quality bottled water and has no metallic taste. This water dispenser is even great for an individual who does not refilling there pitcher every day since it holds a whole 18 8-oz cups, that’s 1.25 gallons of water! The PUR 18 cup dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-1800z will fit in your refrigerator with ease and give you loads of high quality tasting water. It has a very neat fold up tap when closed. So when you open the fridge, with the filter jug sitting on a shelf next to the door, you just hold your glass under the spout, pull the tap down, and hey, you have chilled fresh water. How cool is that!

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A PUR 18 cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-180oz dispenses water that is filtered easily with an easy grip handle and is simple to carry. The water dispenser filter reduces the chemicals, bad taste and odor lurking in your ordinary household tap water. The PUR water dispenser is equipped with an advanced filtration system. This design reduces even more contaminants in your water than other pour through water pitcher filters.

A PUR 18 cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS-180oz is narrow and sleek design that will fit neatly in a refrigerator or the sink for refilling. The pitcher is equipped with a filter life gauge; this gauge will indicate when the filter needs to be changed. Changing the filter when indicated to replace will ensure a continued supply of that nice clean healthy tasting water. No matter if your water is city or well it will properly be filtered giving you better tasting water.

The PUR 18 cup Dispenser with One Pitcher Filter DS- 180oz is very durable and is dish washer friendly. Some city waters are heavily chlorinated, but with the PUR filter system it takes the chlorine taste completely away. A PUR filter system is designed to not build up mold or mildew. However it would be not a bad idea, that when the long lasting filter does eventually need to be replaced, take out the old filter and pop the dispenser into the dish washer for a good old clean out. Then fit the replacement filter, fill the dispenser and load it back into the fridge.

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KAZ INC. PUR 2-stage Dispenser - DS-1800Z

KAZ INC. PUR 2-stage Dispenser - DS-1800Z Rating:
List Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $36.97
(as of 12/30/2018 13:00 UTC - Details)

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Product Description

DS-1800Z Features: -Includes one dispenser and filter. -Easy pour spout. -Removes 99.9% microbial cysts. -Reduces 98% lead, mercury and chlorine. Product Type: -Countertop. Filter Component: -Filtration system. Specifications: NSF Certified: -Yes. WaterSense Certified: -Yes.


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