LED Color Changing Showerhead Review

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LED Color Changing ShowerheadDo you know about the LED color changing showerhead? Do you want to color your bathing experience? Truly speaking who doesn’t want to put color into life? And if it starts with in our bathroom, then that early morning shower will refresh us even more. How it is possible to add colors in your showerhead. Yes, you heard it right. And the fact is that these LEDs are not only colorful, they are color changing too. Some people feel that it is largely intended for children. But frankly speaking, older people can love them too. It can change the morning bathing experience, add some extra energy and sparkle. A fresh and colorful start to the day. In short, it is overwhelming.

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Several popular electronic companies are now making their own color changing shower head – to get onto the up-to-date bandwagon. Among them, the LED color changing showerhead offered by Showerdoordirect is high in quality and efficiency. This particular showerhead works using the pressure of water. The color changing is continuous and so it brings new shower experience for the entire family. It can be installed quickly and easily. The LED shower heads are of chrome finish and an adjustable connector is added, which enables you to move it in any direction.The color automatically begins when water is turned on.

The installation process is really easy. Simply unscrew the old showerhead and screw the new one in the same position. Then you can take the pleasure of enjoying this special lighting effect in your bathroom. The difference is awesome. It is especially effective for washing long hair. The shower stream is very soothing. It’s not needle-like blasters, but very soothing to your skin and head.

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LED Color Changing Showerhead

LED Color Changing Showerhead Rating:
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Product Description

Experience the fun of our LED Showerhead. This self powered (water pressure powered) LED Showerhead is constantly changing colors to provide a new shower experience for the entire family. It is very quick and easy to install your new LED Showerhead. Simply unscrew your old showerhead and screw on our LED Showerhead. The LED Showerhead has a Chrome Finish and adjustable swivel connector so you can point the LED Showerhead in any direction.


  • No battery or power needed! Water pressure powered LED lights.
  • Easy & fast installation. No hardware required.
  • Colors fade automatically when the water is turned on.
  • Chrome finish.