Garbage Disposal or Trash Compactor or Both?

51alxCUzm4LHave you ever thought about removing trash from the landfills? Confused about whether to use Garbage disposal or trash compactor? Let’s have a look at both the concepts.

Generally the food or other residues which go straight to the landfill can be a great source of greenhouse gas but we can transfer them to some environment friendly fertilizer and at the same time can produce renewable energy out of it. And of course for this we need some modern appliances, namely a food waste disposer or a compactor bag or may be both.

Food Waste Disposer

A food waste disposer is essential equipment for modern kitchen now. It comprises of a grinding chamber attached at the bottom of the kitchen sink. When any food waste (I mean anything from nut, shells to chicken bones) is poured into the garbage disposer it starts rotating at a very high speed and grinds all the food waste into small soluble particle that can easily pass through the drainage system. The reduced food waste goes to waste water treatment plant where they are transferred into some environment friendly materials.

Trash Compactor

These appliances are larger than food waste disposer units and cost more. It consists of a free-standing unit which can be mounted under the kitchen counter and close to the kitchen sink. It sometimes requires some electricity and professional installation.

719rMbs5uoLIt has a greater effect on food wastes than food waste disposer unit. The compactor can compress into a bag ratio ranging from 4:1 to 6:1. The larger the unit the more trash bag contents can be compressed into one single chamber. But the larger chamber will be heavier than a normal unit.

Food waste disposer or trash compactor?

Any of the appliances can be effective for the removal of household trash. While compactor can be a little more efficient for larger amount of waste but the size and costs may matter a bit. Garbage disposal comes with a space saving design whereas compactors are larger in size and more expensive. Because the two appliances have separate usage if budget permits you can go for both. Generally a food waste disposer is attached to the kitchen sink to clean the messy sink and a compactor is stored in some other places like garages where trashes means crashed soft drink cans or even some broken glasses removing which is an impossible task for a food waste disposer. Hence, if pocket permits then it is better to go for both.

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