How to Fix a Garbage Disposal with a Broom Handle

611OovnFUrLIs your garbage disposal not working and you want to repair it? First of all let’s take a look at the causes of jammed pipe or garbage disposer. A food waste disposer can stop working due to the following causes:

If a Fuse Blows Out

Since a food waste disposer runs on electricity if the fuse of your electric panel blows out then it is possible that the appliance stops working.

If the Motor Overheated

The motor of the disposal unit can burn out due to overheating. This can be a reason for an out of order waste disposer.

A Jammed Flywheel

The main cause of an overloading disposal unit can be a jammed flywheel. Flywheel jam can occur due to the insertion of improper items like plastic materials or crushed cold drink cans etc. and it can force your food waste disposer out of order.

It is beyond doubt that a garbage disposal is an effective as well as a must use appliance attached to the modern day kitchen. It prevents the kitchen sink from jamming out and leaves the kitchen perfectly clean. However, since it is a machine it can also stop working due to one or more of the above mentioned reasons. But it is not a very difficult task to remove the jam and send it back to working condition. We can repair it even with a wooden broom handle! Let’s discuss how to do it.

61C4AEsPqzLRepairing Garbage Disposal with a Broom Handle

At first cut off all the power supply from the food waste disposal system. Then unplug the disposal plugs under the sink. If necessary, turn off the circuit breaker in case any wire is attached to that electrical system. After doing this try to dispose again under running water. If the humming still exists then the power is not completely cut off. Make sure to turn off every single circuit breaker attached to it.

When all the power connection is cut off, start garbage disposal repair using your broom handle. Push the broom’s wooden handle through the basin hole to the garbage disposal and try to remove the blockage. There is a chance that this method may not work, since it is the most basic process.

To check whether it works try to rotate the blades of the disposer with broom handle and if they turn then you have succeeded. Now remove the broom handle and turn on the power. Run a little cold water through the disposer and switch it on and the garbage disposer will be back in action again.

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