Bathroom Faucet Trends

The newest bathroom faucet trends are considered to be more satisfying than the classic versions and are worthy of making a part of your home. If you want to get an idea about the newest bathroom faucet trends, then here are the types of faucet that gained a lot of attention lately:

1. Wall-mount Faucet – Today, it is possible to attach or fasten faucets in your lavatory deck, mounted or integrated in the wall. The wall-mount bathroom faucet has become a trend recently. It works perfectly with vessel-type or freestanding sinks that need long spouts.

2. New-fangled Faucet – Bathroom faucets are now made available in various styles including the sleek, modern, traditional and timeless. There are also new-fangled faucets that promote more water-efficiency. You can pick bath faucets with highly functional features including those that have ceramic disks. This disk works in eliminating buildup that often triggers leaks.

3. High Spout Vessel Faucet – This type of faucet is usually created keeping in mind the comfort of users. It is trendy while also featuring a spout with a height and projection capable of guaranteeing the delivery of water in the right position. It is a striking addition to almost all bathroom themes and styles including those that are made of wood, metal, glass and composite materials.

4. High-tech / Advanced Faucet Features – Faucets with a lot of highly advanced features are also a trend these days. Most homeowners want to make sure that their bathrooms are equipped with highly advanced faucets such as those with features that can kill bacteria and are motion-activated. You can also find laminar flow faucets. These faucets are capable of creating a more solid and durable looking stream of water that prevents splashing.

Trends in Bathroom Faucet Materials and Finish

One of your best choices for faucet material today is metal. The trend for metal bathroom faucets include their availability in various silver-tone finishes and gold, mixed metal and bronze construction. Polished chrome is also popular these days. This beautifully coordinates with various styles of bathroom fixtures and decors. Nickel faucets have also returned. Variations of faucets made of nickel material include those constructed using polished nickel, brushed nickel and hammered nickel.

If you wish to add a more luxurious accent into your bathroom, then you can go for those with gold finish. Faucets with bronze finish are perfect for homeowners who would like to showcase an equal mix of contemporary and traditional bathroom décor. Bronze is also ideal for traditional-style baths and bathrooms with rustic look or cabin style.

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